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Things to Do in Catalina Island


Catalina Express
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Find an island escape right off the urban shore of Southern California by taking a quick ride aboard a Catalina Express ferry. The passenger ferry service offers crossings to the towns of Two Harbors and Avalon on Catalina Island from the ports of San Pedro, Long Beach and Dana Point on the mainland. Trips take about an hour, and most visitors head to Avalon, which can be reached from all three mainland ports. Only the San Pedro departures arrive in Two Harbors. Once on Catalina Island, you can spend a day or more relaxing in the Mediterranean-like atmosphere. Avalon is a popular spot for watersports like scuba diving, kayaking and fishing, while Two Harbors is a great choice for those who want to explore the inland areas of the island to spot local wildlife like Catalina fox and buffalo while hiking or mountain biking.

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